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Taste Washington – Cure what Ales Ya!

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Hey BrewDad peeps look what Taste Washington is putting out there for us beer geeks.  Taste Washington

Beer Seminar Saturday March 24 11am

Cure what Ales Ya! Cost $45
Please join Cured by Visconti’s (Washington Wine Commission’s 2013 Restaurant of the Year), Stella Artois, and Jones of Washington at theCure What Ale’s Ya seminar hosted by Beer Sommelier Michael Kelley and moderated by Dan Carr from Cured and winemaker Victor Palencia.

During this seminar you will taste and learn about the contrasting, complementing, and balancing elements of food and alcohol pairing. You will also discover what makes beer a fantastic food pairing choice, how cured meats are selected and produced, and all about Jones of Washington wines. Michael will walk you through the various aspects of beer and food pairing using the cured meats, a selection of artisanal cheeses, and chocolates from Theo chocolates. You will also hear from Jones of Washington about how to tickle your senses with wine and food.

Featured Pairings:
Hoegaarden, the original Belgian Wit Beer, with Paprika Salumi and Feta Cheese.
Leffe Brune, Belgian Brown Ale, paired with LandJaeger sausage.
In addition to these pairings you will be treated to four more beer pairings featuring Redhook IPA, Redhook ESB and two pairings with Jones of Washington wines.

Take Home gift:
You will receive a set of three glasses from the Belgian Trio-Stella Artois, Leffe, Hoegaarden (retail value $35). These attractive glasses are an instant conversation stimulator and excellent vessels to serve your beer at home.

Michael Kelley, Beer Sommelier(

Michael is a certified Beer Steward from the Master Brewers Association of America (MBAA), a well-respected Association that was formed in 1887 with the purpose of promoting, advancing, and improving the professional interest of brew and malt house production and technical personnel. He is also one of only fifteen certified Beer Sommeliers from the Doemens Academy in Germany and the Siebel Institute of Chicago which was founded over 130 years ago to provide a world-class brewing education to students around the world.

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