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Tacoma World of Beers

By March 5, 2021No Comments

5602 S Lawrence
Tacoma, WA98409
(253) 475-7432

First from the outside you think you’re headed in to a smoke shop and that’s what this place was for the past 30 years. Only in the past 6 months or so they have been changed the whole model of the business and are giving up a large amount of space with the tobacco products and are going towards beer.  The sign says 750+ beers in stock.  From what I see they do have a vast amount of brews in the coolers.  They had the big boys to the very rare Belgians.  I even found some brews from Vietnam. I was impressed with there selection and it was rivaling any beer shop in the area.  If you are still a smoker this is also a place for you to pick up your smoking needs.  I can see this place change completely in a few years to a total beer shop.  I know for me I will be back when searching for the must look for brews when my local shop is out.  As for the name it is currently Tacoma Pipe & Tobacco and World or Beers.  This will change soon to just Tacoma World of Beers according to the owner.  

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