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Standard brewing – New Single Hop (Simcoe)

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Standard BrewingFrom Standard Brewing – We just tapped the new Single Hop! This time, we used Simcoe throughout the brewing process. Like Citra, Simcoe has become one of the most widely used hops in IPAs. It brings it’s own intense personality to the piney hop game, with it’s extremely high content of myrcene oil, and pungent, aggressive aroma. Don’t expect the tropical, fruity vibes of our last Single Hop. Think of the backbone of most big IPA flavor, where you’ll see this hop used most often. If you’ve had our Imperial IPA, you’ll recognize Simcoe, because it comprises more than half the volume of hops in the beer. The Simcoe Single Hop has a higher ABV (6%) than our last few, as the weather is growing colder, and we need to keep up with your pickling liver.

Coming shortly (maybe tonight?) will be our next Experimental IPA, the Zero IBU IPA! Remember the post about IBUs, and hop flavor/aroma? I wanted to put the idea to the test and brew an IPA that focused on using little more than hop oil, tannic structure, and other forms of bitterness to balance the sweetness of alcohol and malt sugars. The result is a different kind of IPA. We used a mixture of familiar and unfamiliar hops with Simcoe, Amarillo, Belma, and Strisselspalt hops to give the beer a pleasing pine/fruity/floral quality. It’s 7.2%, and goes on tap as soon as the Imperial Rye IPA is gone. If you love the Imperial Rye IPA, get it today, because we only have about 2 gallons left

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