Searching for Beer…

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What are you searching for when it comes to this quest of finding the “Ultimate Barley Pop?” Asked so many times and for the moment I am wondering myself.  What is it in the beer we like; Hops, malt, added adjuncts?  Do you care if the beer is served in the correct glass?  Questions I think about all the time, amongst many others.

I remember the first beer that changed my whole entire imbibing life.  Went from being a recent college graduate, first job and finally had a paycheck to where I could afford more than the basic low cost pub beer.  Drinking the low costs beers due to that’s all I knew.  A friend then told me you need to try this new “Micro” brew.  Ordered, drank and the love of “Micro/Craft” has never stopped.  Sure, it goes in waves.  I loved stouts for a long time then the hops hit me.  Taking notes, ticking the beers as I went along.  Joining and finding I was not alone in this hobby of finding new and more beer.  Local beer stores became my sanctuary not just occasionally but almost daily.  What’s new?  When do the new beers arrive?  Going to the grocery store hitting the beer isle looking for a new bottle and or can; and that is every time you got to the store.  I know I’m not alone in this.  The joy of buying singles vs the whole 6pack.  Oh, you scheming bastards putting special one-off beers in 12packs.  Yes, I bought those also.

Move forward twenty years or so and what’s changed.  OMG, so much one can’t keep up.   More than one brewery per town.  One can’t go to certain cities without having to plan days to see them all.  Beer releases are so frequent, and the stores get updated with new stuff so fast one can’t possibly have them all.  So back to the question, what’s the search for?   I must admit I try to look for the “new” and at times when I get home, I find out oops, I had that one two years ago.  Now, I repeat beers and have my favorites but, when looking for new, it does get hard with so many released all the time.

So go out enjoy and discover. 

What’s next?  Might it be a new flavorful freshly added Irish ocean grass to a Saison or a classic Amber ale?

What do you look for in beers/breweries? 

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