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Ram Big Horn of Puyallup WA

By March 5, 2021No Comments

103 35th Ave SE
, WA 98374
(253) 841-3317

This was a Ram Big Horn.  Once you have been to one you have been to most of them.  They do differ that they tend to be much localized with there sports and keep the local high school memorabilia all around as decor.  We just had a great day at NW Trek and it was time for some food and beverages.  Hey this was close and I needed to tick this off my list so it was off to the Ram Big Horn Brewing of Puyallup.  The beers where consistent and tasty and I got to try a new Dubbel Ewe (Belgian Double) it was a strong 9% Belgian that was tasty and had some kick if your not ready for it.  Service was good and the server gave me her best beer spiel and did a good job with her descriptions.  We had a nice time and if you’re in Puyallup and need some good pub food and some cold brews here is a stop for you.  

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