5:00 – 8:00 P.M.

•           Bigger and Better!

•            Expanded Venue and 60+ vendors…

•           Chocolatiers, Winemakers, and Brewers, Restaurateurs, Bakers, Cheese Makers

•           Oysters and Beer!

•           Sweet and Savory

•           Benefit for Puget SoundkkeeperAlliance

FOREPLAY BEFORE THE BIGDAY: The Pike Brewing Company will celebrate Pike Chocofest onFebruary 10, 2013.

A SWEET HISTORY: Pike Chocofest began in 2009 as a romantic experience, designed to expose the sensual relationship between chocolate and beer, asSeattleis a love-nest for both. Wine, spirits, cider and mead also cohabit-ate deliciously with chocolate, though perhaps they are not as orgasmic a combination as with beer–vintners, distillers, and mead makers might disagree. For years wineries have promoted red wine and chocolate; drinking eau de vie with chocolate truffles at the end of the meal is expected in Switzerland and France.

Guests can pleasurably decide for themselves at Pike Chocofest 2013, where a wide variety of potables will be paired with chocolate and savory comestibles; a tasting, as the saying goes, from “soup to nuts” and “sweet to savory.” It’s a virtual orgy for food and drink lovers! Owners and representatives from more than sixty vendors: local wineries, distilleries, cider makers, brewers, and importers, along with restaurants, brewers, bakers, cheese makers, a coffee roaster, too; all sampling their wares and sharing their stories.

SPECIALPUBHOURS ON FEBRUARY 10: On February 10, the Pike Pub will close at 4:00 pm for regular service and will reopen at 5:00 p.m. for Chocofest guests who will be able to enjoy food and drink in Pike’s Microbrewery Museum, in each of the rooms in the pub, and in the brewery cellar.

BENEFIT FOR PUGET SOUNDKEEPERALLIANCE: Pike Chocofest is a Valentine’s gift for everyone involved, including Puget Soundkeeper Alliance for helping to keep local waters pristine. Speaking of local waters, another love potion on which most everyone agrees will be featured at Pike Chocofest 2013: Taylor United oysters on the half shell.

Please check our Facebook page for updates on who will be showcasing their products this year.

Cost: $45 (all inclusive) with proceeds benefiting Puget Soundkeeper Alliance.
For reservations and information: Tara(206) 812-6604 | tshuttleworth@pikebrewing.com

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