Pelican Pub & Brewery

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33180 Cape Kiwanda Drive
Pacific City
, OR 97135

Stopped at the Pelican along our way home and we had a great time.  The food was still the best and the brews where awesome.  If you ever go to the Pelican on the weekend expect it to be busy it is a must stop on several travel guides and every beer hunters list.  Kids are good to go here and with all that is going on outside they will have plenty to talk about.  We had some great service and she explained all the brews and there different tastes.  I started off with a – La Fleur Amere which is “The Bitter Flower” a Belgian style IPA.  This brew was tasty and had some subtle Belgian yeast flavor with more of a bittering from the hops and the hops added to the aroma also.  After our meal I got to talk with Jason the Assistant brewer and I took a tour of the facilities.  They where brewing some Dorymans dark and the fermenters where overflowing with Co2.  This is a great place my family loves to comer here.  We have yet to make it there for breakfast and that is on the list for one day.  They have so much going on outside the surf, the people watching, the horses, weddings, surfers and the view of the Pacific Ocean is the bets make this a stop every time near Pacific City.  I’ll be back in August.  Oh the Tsunami Stout was also tasty as always.  

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