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Pelican Busts into Summer

By March 5, 2021No Comments

If you are anywhere near Pelican Brewing this weekend you are in for a treat.  3 summer beers are being released this weekend.  One brand new recipe with two regulars making a come back I sure wish the BrewDad Helicopter was out of the shop.

Ankle-Buster Ale (brand new brew)
Surfers know all too well that ankle-buster waves are barely big enough to surf on, but our Ankle-Buster Ale is bound to create a big wave. With an herbal hop character, fruity/spicy Belgian yeast aromas, toasty and caramel-like malt flavor, and a clean dry finish, Ankle-Buster carves its own path to refreshing, flavorful beer. Best enjoyed with both feet planted on sand.

Winema Wit (formerly Heiferweizen)
Everyone loves a secret—and we’ve got a tasty one for you: our Winema Wit beer. Named after a local hidden beach with expansive views and its own distinct rock formation, this brew celebrates the best of summer. Fermented with Belgian yeast, Winema Wit is seasoned with orange peel, coriander and cardamom for a snappy, refreshing and fruity-spicy character. Winema Wit will soon become your new favorite discovery.

Surfer’s Summer Ale
The Summer Ales of England inspire our well-loved seasonal beer, Surfer’s Summer Ale. With a brilliant gold color, and a fruity, floral, and herbal aroma from Glacier hops, Surfer’s Summer Ale is a refreshing, tasty treat. A sweet, toasted malt flavor comes from the Golden Promise malt, and combines with bread-like wheat character to give this beer a full-bodied, rounded malt aspect. Finishing smooth and clean, Surfer’s Summer Ale exhibits a wonderful balance and character.

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