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It’s Olympia Brew Fest Day…

By August 7, 2021No Comments

Excitement, the rush of what will be.  Took 735 days and we have a Beer Fest finally back in Olympia.  Sure, there’s still the need to be cautious and vigilant.  Be sure to avoid the huge congregations but, with some careful maneuvering this all can be done.

The Seagulls have been waiting, music will be turned up and the beer will be cold.  Food vendors are all ready and cooking. The traditional taster glasses are all lined up.  Who will be your first taste?  Will you be seeking a hazy beer? Will it be the new never tasted before brewery from out of town? For myself I know I want to see, chat and taste the new, different and go back to the old tried and true.

1pm today will be an interesting time as we look back as to what has transpired over the past 17 months.  I, will enjoy seeing my old friends and meeting brewers/friends for the first time.  It’s Olympia Brew Fest Day.

Full report, pictures and reviews of many of the fun brews I try today will come tomorrow.

Cheers to Oly Brew Fest 2021…

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