Ninkasi Summer Four Packs

Available June NOW
Ninkasi Brewing Company is pleased to announce the next four pack for its wildly successful 22oz bottle products. The Summer version of the Ninkasi Four Pack is
the third of a new mixed package containing 22oz. bottles of Total Domination, Maiden the Shade, Nuptiale, and Radiant Seasonal Ale. This four pack comes with the added value of an exclusive Nuptiale 22oz. release (ONLY in four packs), Maiden the Shade (released 1 month early in the four pack), and a music download card of Ninkasi supported bands that are all Northwest Local! The 22oz bottle segment is exploding in sales growth throughout the US and particularly in the Pacific Northwest. Established in 2006, Ninkasi has been called the fastest growing brewery in the United States.

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