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Maritime Decompression Ale – Seattle Beer Week

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This being American Craft Beer Week and Thursday the start of Seattle Beer Week, we have a lot to cover and short time to cover it all.

I finally grabbed this year’s Seattle Beer Week Beer.  Brewed at Maritime Pacific Brewing – Corey Blodgett eh head brewer made one kick-ass hoppy Falconers Flight American Strong Ale.  The beer is big so it was also going to need a big flavor and hops profile.  What better than to use a very special hop.  Falconers Flight hops is a special hops blend made up by HopUnion out of Yakima, WA.  14 different hops are added to the blend to make the flavor and bitterness profile.  Corey created this special brew with former brewing legend Glenn Falconer in mind.  (Corey was a recent scholarship recipient to the Siebel Institute by the Glenn Hay Falconer Foundation.)

I found the beer to be strong with fruit and floral hops in the nose, and great malt rich flavors.  I liked the earthy undertones and the strong ale yet fruity richness. This beer finishes quite bitter and dry.  Very tasty strong ale with a strong Pacific Northwest Hops backing throughout the brew. Cheers to Maritime Brewing, Corey Blodgett and American craft beer.

Tomorrow hop heads we learn all about Falconers Flight Hops.  I will enlighten and educate the world on this tasty treat.

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