Kona Brewing Longboard Island Lager

(Kailua-Kona, HI) – Kona Brewing Company has announced it will be rolling out a new 24-ounce can this month, which will position the Hawaiian brewer among only a handful of domestic brewers offering craft brews in a can this size. The new 24-ounce can will feature Kona’s flagship Longboard Island Lager and is especially targeted at the convenience store channel. Hitting stores the week of April 1, the 24-ounce can is the third can launch for the brewer and comes on the heels of the new Hang 10 Pint pack in March 2013, and before that the rollout of Longboard Island Lager in 6-pack cans in March of 2012.

The 24-ounce can is testament to Kona Brewing Co. fully embracing the can’s properties and giving its active consumer another drinking occasion. Because the Kona consumer tends to be more active and on the go, they appreciate the transportability and lightweight properties of cans as they’re a cinch to bring to the beach, lake or pool where bottles are often not allowed. Initially a West Coast launch, the new 24-ounce can will debut in convenience stores and select venues such as sports stadiums and outdoor amphitheaters spanning from Hawaii to Texas.

The 24-ounce can is the result of a growing partnership with Ball Corporation. The can is a sustainability success story in itself as cans contain an average of 68 percent recycled aluminum. Because they are airtight and oxygen-free, a growing number of craft beer drinkers are coming to understand the benefits cans offer. The versatile size of the 24-ounce can allows for an extended beer-drinking session for one, or it can also be poured and shared among friends.

“We’re barely in the first quarter of 2013 and we’re very proud of the leadership role Kona is taking with its expanded canning capabilities,” said Kona Brewing Company president Mattson Davis. “2013 will be the year of innovative packaging for us and we’re taking the bull by the horns in terms of capturing the convenience store crowd as craft beer sales have been growing there significantly over the past several years. As our beer becomes more widely available throughout the US and abroad, these new packaging offerings allow us to introduce more new drinking occasions for the craft beer lover. The 24-ounce can is so versatile; Crack one open for pau hana after a long day or with friends at the beach or pool.”

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