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KISS – Destroyer Beer

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You want the best you got the best the Greatest Beer in the World – KISS

We all remember when, where and what we where doing when we saw KISS for the first time.  We still get the chills when we see Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter all dressed up and ready to Rock and Roll and Night and Party every day.  Gene the marketing genius has come up with a way for us beer geeks to part with more of our money. I know for this KISS army fan I will be seeking this brew for my imbibing pleasure while listening to some KISS records.

Behold my fellow KISS Fanatics just for you –

KISS Destroyer Beer is an easy-to-drink beer in the best German tradition! A careful brewing process creates its great head of foam, nice flavor, and a balanced bitterness, like an original “Pils.” The cool brew is available in both bottles and cans.
Brewed: Sweden
Alcohol content: 4.7 %
Bottle: 33 cl, approx. 11.2 oz
Can: 50 cl, approx. 16.9 oz

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