Today 100 Years ago Grandma Ruth was born Dec 12, 1918.  I won’t be able to see her today as she is in a rest home in Simi Valley however, she is always in my thoughts. 

I can remember her cooking for us kids, her playing cards after dinner and always sneaking us an Eskimo Pie bites once all the dishes were hand washed.  As we boys got older, she then let us have a little of her beer.  She loved a tall glass of Pilsner.  I would even see her at times add an ice cube to make it colder. 

Dodgers fan and the Lakers were always on her mind.  She would love it when the Dodgers played the Reds, she loved Pete Rose.  Her love for Orel Hershiser and Fernando and Piazza was always there.  Scioscia left and she became an Angles fan also.  As for the Lakers she loved her Magic and Kareem Abul Jabbar (Never could say his name right) Kobe was her number one.  She loved to watch Kobe play.   I knew if I called, I better be up on his stats.  

She was born in Buffalo New York. Hated the snow and had a Great Uncle that was the first German Mayor of Buffalo back in 1876. She and her sister left Buffalo with her Dad and well it was time to leave the depression and head to California. She lived in a small house in Malibu and her next-door neighbor ended up being her love of her life my Grandpa and at an early age she was married.  She raised a family and when it came time for her to work, she joined Grandpa in the service industry.  Grandpa a Butler, driver, bartender and as for Grandma a Server and Cook.  They worked all over Beverley Hills and for the who’s who. Grandpa started years before and had quite the resume of people he knew and saw.  Gloria Swanson, Mary Pickford,a young Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Stewart. She would cook the food and at times help serve so she also got to meet some of the first greatest movie stars. 

We as kids heard all the stories and what, who and they did what?  Grandma loved John Wayne and even Ronald Reagan broke her toe never swayed her love for him. 

We had such fun in the little house. Grandma made it warm full of good food and we had so many stories.  If you wondered how I had so many it was because of them.  I know I am a super lucky to have a Grandma that lived to 100 she is the best and always is in my thoughts.  She would have loved talking Lebron and the new Dodgers and beer with me. Grandpa would go crazy and go to a Total Wine every day just to look at all the new flavors of booze and wonder why, how and just shake his head. 

I could write forever on this subject, however. I just want to share that Grandma is 100.  

Come by tonight Headless Mumby Brewing at 5pm we will be tipping a pint in her honor and there will be cake. 

Pictures is Grandma Ruth, Grandpa Charles with President Reagan in Beverly Hills at a party by Betsy Bloomingdale.  Grandpa passed 12 years ago at 92

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