Full Sail Brewing Releases with New Brewer’s Share Experimental Beer, Lord of Darkness

Hood River, Oregon – Full Sail will release a new beer in their Brewer’s Share Experimental line up—“Lord of Darkness,” brewed by Brewer Gavin Lord, celebrates that in darkness you can find light.

Gavin’s beer is a Cascadian Dark Ale brewed with Midnight Wheat, Flaked Oats, Crystal Malts, and 2-Row Pale. Lord of Darkness pours a devilishly dark ruby and wears a lacy white crown.  Beware His Amarillos!  Beware His Mosaics! While they may lend the sweet scent of blueberry and lemon, of spice and of pine, they will only lead to the bitter end He’s always held in store for you.  But fear not!  For only if you place your trust in His Darkness, may He lead you to Enlightenment. 7.0% ABV 70 IBU.

According to Gavin his inspiration for this beer came six years ago when he found light in darkness. “At the time, I was a struggling artist in a prosperous city—one of seven kindred spirits sharing a two bedroom apartment and a feeling of unrealized ambition in the Outer Richmond district of San   Francisco. We trudged through our days and danced through our nights, only to wake in an unsatisfied fog. One foggy afternoon, inspired by chance, we visited a homebrew shop. It was far and away the best $150 I ever spent. By my current standards, the unorthodox libations that poured from that tiny kitchen in the following months were probably terrible. I remember them as the best fermented beverages ever produced by mortals. We designed labels for every beer and chose our crown colors with great care. We sang with triumph at our every victory and grieved inconsolably over every lost ounce. In that crowded Victorian flat, among my over-educated and under-employed family of friends, in a dark, bubbling carboy of hazy suds, I found light.”

“Shortly thereafter, I quit my job and convinced the love of my life to do the same. We packed a U-Haul and set off for home: the Willamette Valley hop country. I began studying physics, microbiology and organic chemistry. I landed an internship at a local brewery, and later, a job with a mobile beer bottling outfit. I homebrewed religiously and was accepted into the UC Davis Master Brewer’s program. I worked harder than I ever had academically and passed the grueling, nine-hour, Institute of Brewing and Distilling examination by the skin of my teeth. I had dedicated my life to chasing the light I’d found in fermentation, and as luck would have it, Full Sail gave me a shot. I am overwhelmingly grateful to everyone who has made this possible. To my family, to my friends, to my professors, to Full Sail, and most of all, to my fiancé, Giselle, thank you.”

“In Lord of Darkness, I hope you find the smooth self-assertion of the Flaked Oats and the coy confidence of the Midnight Wheat.  I hope you find the supple sweetness of the Crystal Malts. I hope you find the cool citrus backbone of the Amarillos and the warm tropical flesh of the Mosaics. Above all, in the Lord of Darkness, I hope you find light,” said Lord.

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