Naked City BrewingFlying Bike Cooperative BreweryFlying Bike Cooperative Brewery and Naked City take “collabeeration” to a new level­ The first beer brewed in two breweries launches Wednesday! Seattle, September 29, 2015 ​­ Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery (FBCB) and Naked City Brewery & Taphouse are proud to announce their first in the “Wort Line of Friendship” Series, a “BREWMANCE GOLDEN ALE​”, on tap simultaneously at both locations Wednesday, September 30, 2015​. This “collabeeration” was made possible with the assistance of Big Time Brewing Co., featuring 100% Skagit Valley Malting Alba malt. Extremely local, neighbors aren’t just offering sugar when you knock on the door.

“It was truly a historical (or hysterical) day as we mashed in and boiled the wort at Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery, then through hoses joined by a Golden Tri­Clamp, knocked out across the parking lot and into a waiting fermenter at Naked City Brewery & Taphouse.” ­Don Webb, head brewer at Naked City Brewery.
“Our heartfelt thanks to Nick Kannar and everyone at Big Time Brewery, Brian Henn and everyone at Skagit Valley Malting, Isaac Hatter and everyone at Naked City, and everyone who turned out to help us celebrate this Blossoming Brewmance by joining the ‘Wort Line of Friendship’ across the Parking Lot of Collabeeration with the Golden Tri­Clamp. Also, our deepest apologies to anyone who was trying to park out there that day.” ­Kevin Forhan, head brewer at Flying Bike.

Since 2011, Flying Bike has built a community of over 1,577 beer enthusiasts. It is only natural that Kevin Forhan, at the helm of the FBCB brewing process, is dear friends with Don Webb, the head brewer for Naked City. A mere threshold away, it was only a matter of time before sharing each other’s bar led to a beer celebrating neighborhood unity.

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