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Elysian Brewing – Dick’s Picks – Woodruff Ambrosia Maibock

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(Seattle, WA) – When Elysian Brewing Co. of Seattle marked its fifteenth anniversary almost two years ago, a list was made of over 200 beers produced by the brewery since it opened in 1996. Then they went and brewed another fifty. Without fixating too much on sheer numbers, a lot of great recipes have sprung from the minds of Head Brewer Dick Cantwell and his brewing staff at Elysian’s three pub breweries and the production facility in the Georgetown neighborhood. Now its time to bring some of the best of them back.

Announcing Dick’s Picks, an irregular exhumation of beers from the archives, some of them easily recalled favorites and others more obscure, perhaps only available a single time for a matter of days. Unlike other little-known collections gathering dust and wasting away to nothing in desks, archives and storage spaces, all the recipes concerned are as fresh as they ever were, ready to be brought back to life for wider draft-only distribution to die-hard fans. First up will be Woodruff Ambrosia Maibock, available sometime around March 1. After that, who knows? It could be The Perfesser Sour Plum Ale, or perhaps Konishiki, the all-Sorachi Ace double IPA named for the only American-born sumo champion. Whatever Dick and the gang choose to revisit, it’ll be sure to be a blast from the past.


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