Dogfish HeadDogfish Head – Fort returning in 2015!

Fort, one of our most requested beers, will return to taps and shelves in 2015!

Brewed with a ridiculous amount of raspberry juice, Fort is a Belgian-style beer with a fermentation process on par with 120 Minute IPA, World Wide Stout and Raison D’Extra. In other words, this beer isn’t for the faint of heart … or palate.

Clocking in at 15-18% ABV, Fort is an excellent candidate for cellaring. So when it comes out in in November – in new 12-oz. packaging! – grab a few bottles, enjoy one right away and lay down the others for a few years.

We’ll also be bottling an amped-up version of our Woolrich collaboration Pennsylvania Tuxedo, putting out two batches of 120 Minute IPA, and brewing a special beer to celebrate our 20th anniversary.

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