From Dogfish Head Web Site – Dogfish head Hopelcipse
You might not expect the East Coast’s most creative and adventurous craft brewery to hail from rural Delaware, but Dogfish Head has been breaking beer style guidelines and embracing the entire culinary landscape for its off-centered ales since it opened as America’s smallest commercial brewery in 1995.

While the focus on exotic ingredients has not wavered, there is one old-world style Dogfish Head has embraced, tweaked and reinvented. The India Pale Ale, which originated in 19th-century England, has been a favorite since the beginning, and we’ve come up with several ways to put our own fingerprint on the style. We have our innovative continual-hopping method, a pair of fruit infusions, connections to legendary musicians, a bottle-conditioned variety, the prototypical black IPA and a wood-aged gentle giant.

Through February and March, we’re celebrating our innovative IPA lineup with dozens of beer dinners across the country, two brand-new IPAs, a redesigned Randall the Enamel Animal and a special new glass.

A hop eclipse when? A Hop Eclipse Now!

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