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Dick’s Brewing Company

By March 5, 2021No Comments

3516 Galvin Rd.
, WA 98531
(800) 586-7760

Over the past year I have been waiting patiently for Dicks Brewing to finally be up and running a there new site.  Finally last week I was able to se the new place and have a pint of two.  The new brewery is big much bigger than the old place.  I got the grand tour from both Dave and Parker the Head brewer and assistant brewer.  Loved the place and the extra room to grow gives the feeling they are going to grow much, much bigger.  The tap room is in the same area as the brewery and has limited hours so catch them on Fridays from 3-7pm and have some awesome brews.  Dicks brewing has it going on for sure.  If you long for the old place NW Sausage & Deli they have all the Dicks brews on tap and you can get the great sausage and other foods. So check them out this is a great new addition to the Pacific North West.    

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