BRINGING KLABER HOPS BACK!Dicks Brewing Klaber Fair Beer
Dick’s Brewing has paired up with Southwest Washington Fair to create Fair Beer!

CENTRALIA, WA – In 1897, Herman Klaber purchased hops and land to build a hop farm which by 1906 grew to include more than 360 acres in the Boistfort valley. Klaber took a gamble with the economy being low and invested $75,000, about $31,604,525 in today’s dollars, to develop the hop farm. The Klaber farm was a city in itself which included a town hall, post office and blacksmith. The 200 acre farm would produce the largest amount of hops for its time, producing 300,000 to 400,000 pounds of hops. The town would grow to over 2,000 pickers by the early fall. Klaber’s dream turned into one of the largest hop farms in the State of Washington.

Europe was the largest market for locally-grown hops. Mr. Klaber took his “Klaber Chehalis Hops” to Europe determined to make his hops world famous. While returning to the United States in 1912 Mr. Klaber unfortunately lost his life on the RMS Titanic. Without his leadership the Klaber hops farm declined over the next few decades. The Klaber hop grew wild near the Chehalis Valley River and managed to survive over the years. The root stock was acquired in 2009 for the Southwest Washington Fair’s centennial celebration.

Dick’s Brewing is proud to partner with Southwest Washington Fair to bring back the history of the Klaber Hops with the Klaber Fair Beer. The Klaber Hops used in Klaber Fair Beer has been growing and cultivated since 2009. The Fair Beer is a Pale Ale with spicy citric notes with a unique finish and comes in at a 5.2% ABV. Dick’s Brewing was excited to create a unique and original beer like the Klaber Fair Beer to celebrate the history of the hops and to honor Herman Klaber.

The Klaber Fair Beer will be available from August 13-18 on draft at the Southwest Washington Fair in the beer garden. The Fair Beer will also be available at the Tasting Room at Dick’s Brewing Company and at NW Sausage & Deli.

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