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Diamond Knot Brewing – New Look and Beer

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From Diamond Knot Brewing – Have you tried Lazer Sword yet?! This NE Hazy IPA is full of juice flavors derived from the processes we use to brew it. We start with a malt bill that includes copious amounts of oats and wheat for a smooth backbone and hops, we mean tons of hops! This is a limited release so don’t miss your chance. Find 16oz cans at your local bottle shop or try it on draft at our pubs.

The past few months (A few more than a few 😉) as I have been out-n-about selling beer I saw this great new look by Diamond Knot Brewing. So be like me a silly Knot Head and go find some great (DK) Diamond Knot Beer… Did you know they are on there 25th year. Cheers to the DK.

The story behind the Diamond Knot brand name harkens back to the 1947 shipwreck of the Diamond Knot cargo ship. It is a story of perseverance, tenacity and being resourceful in the face of adversity. Bob and Brian named the brewery Diamond Knot to honor the hard-working and innovative operations crew of the salvage, and as a reminder of what is possible when you have dreams and ambition. Read more about the Diamond Knot shipwreck.

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