Day 4 of Seattle Beer Week – How are you hanging in there?   Are you ready for another full week of Beer fun?  Have you found that special never-to-be-seen-again brew?  Did you hear about the special brew made by 12 totally awesome brewers from the great state of Washington?  Look for Constellation IPA – I hear it is terrific.  Did you see Alan Sprits from Hair of the Dog as he made the rounds yesterday?  I also heard David Walker of Firestone-Walker was in town.

Did you see the line up at Browuers Café with some of the greatest stouts on tap?  The line up at Maritime Brewing with 10 special Falconers Flight hopped brews was incredible.  Oh, and the party The Dray was having was awesome.  So then how can you possibly miss the Beer Week ending party at The Yard?

If you’re in Olympia, be sure to go to Fish Tale Pub as they are releasing a few special brews for SBW:  Dueling Cock Porter (Oak soaked with Fighting Cock Whiskey), with Leavenworth Oak Alt and a Fish Tale Triple Dry hopped IPA to follow.  (Did your liver just burp or was that mine?)  Way to get involved Fish Tale.

Oh, how I wish I could drum up the special powers to be able to hit every event and have a liver at the end.  It has been an incredible start to Seattle Beer Week.  I can’t wait to see what this week brings.

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