Collaborations Beer Projects is this something you seek?  Who is your favorite Collaboration?

Sitting with some fellow beer people the other day and we talked for quite some time why does one seek or why do brewers do a collaboration?  Sure, there is the one brewer seeking betterment of their brewing and learning from a brewer with more experience.  Or is it you think the two brewers or three or more make a better beer?  Is it the combination of names? 

I for one really can care to the lesser extent of the collaboration.  If it is brewed at X then it is going to taste a lot like X Beer.  Unless Y can really bring out something new.  How I see it when you brew at place X it is X’s Water, grain and fermentation cycle. Sure, X can have Y bring yeast from their brewery, but does it matter?  

Fort George Brewing, Three-Way IPA. They have fun with the Three-Way IPA they put out each year and the brewers they bring in.  It is one of few I truly look forward to.  What others I could not say as there are so many and really, it is just another beer by Brewery X.

So here is the question and feel free in chiming in. Who do you look forward to or have seen as a great collaboration?

How do you feel about them? 

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