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BrewDad is Back…

By June 20, 2021No Comments

So with a bit of time away, then add a Worldwide Pandemic it was a good time to take a break and get that MOJO flowing.

I did some thinking, research and well made lots of life changes.  Lets see where does one start?  I met a wonderful person we dated, and recently got married which was a big reason for the break.
Welcome to site Laurie. (BrewDad Nick Name Pending). With Laurie comes 3 great Kids and three Grandkids.  Look out BrewDad is a Grandpa.  Does this mean stories from BrewGrandpa TM Pending? You never know.   My kiddo, SodaKid is doing very well school, driving and now has her first job. started 15 years ago and during that time morphed several directions and well it was time to bring it back to the fun and why I got into Craft Beer.  Passion, fun and the product we all love. Yes, we can’t forget the people and their stories.

Today being Fathers Day I could not find a better day for the Relaunch of BrewDad.

Do you like the new look?  I had some help from the great people at Webaholics and Chad Marquez.   Thank you for all the help Chad… 🙂

Stay tuned as many Barely Pop adventures are coming. Cheers…

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