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Breaking News – Termini Brewing New Blonde Ale

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Breaking News: There’s a Blonde at Termini Brewing.

After several people had emailed asking if Termini Brewing had a new brew?  I went and found out the truth.  Under the cover as a thirsty patron I found the truth there is a Blonde at Termini Brewing.  They have there first brew for this young brewery/restaurant.  With opening a restaurant and brewery comes delays and until the brewing licensees and such get finalized they received help from another local brewery – Grove Street Brewhouse – Shelton, WA and brewed up the first beer for Termini Brewing.

Name – Termini Blonde Ale
Light refreshing golden blonde ale.  Hops and malt in the nose with good malt backing.  The beer is one that is a perfect session brew.  You can drink this all day.  Hops and malt balance with some fruity flavors coming through.

Cheers to Termini and their first Beer…

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