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I found this great website and over the past years I keep coming back over and over to check out what they are doing new or next. Beer Church is a great site for those of us that love beer.

Check out what they say about themselves.

Beer Church is as much an idea as it is an organization. It is based on our philosophy that people are basically good and want to help make the world a better place. The trick is to provide a way for them to do that. People like to drink beer, socialize and generally have a good time. We believe in finding people where they already are. Have a party that benefits something worthy.
In our human society, beer is a conduit, or catalyst, for bringing people together. As a unified association of beer drinkers our potential to affect positive social change is enormous. Be kind and giving, love one another, care about one another, and help one another. Use beer as a way to do those things. That’s what Beer Church wants to do.
So what is Beer Church? We are a loosely connected group of beer drinkers who are associated by our appreciation of beer. Christian’s have their faith in God and their love of Christ as a unifying factor that congregates them into a larger group. We have beer as our unifying factor. Beer Church intends to congregate beer lovers around the world for one simple purpose–making the world a better place.
Beer Church does not mean to offend Christians or anyone else. As long as they are working to make the world a better place, we like everyone regardless of their opinion of beer or their opinion of us. Beer Church is not about worshipping beer. Beer is good. It is part of our social makeup. We hope to instill in people a sense of social responsibility that includes drinking responsibly.
Join us in our mission. Dedicate yourself to making the world a better place one beer at a time. Be nice to people. Care about your community. Don’t be offensive in your love of beer. Respect other people who believe in something different than you. Be responsible and use beer as a way to do good things. That’s all we ask.
Imagine this. What if every beer drinker around the world reached into their pockets right now and donated one dollar to a worthy cause. Just one dollar from every beer drinker in the world. Can you imagine the amount of money that we would raise? That’s our vision. That’s our dream. That’s our purpose.
Beer Church Mission:
Make the world a better place one beer at a time.
Charity – We intend to expose Beer enthusiasts to, and organize them for the benefit of, various charitable, civic and compassionate causes, offering our members the opportunity to contribute collectively or individually. Although we started out as a local organization in the Seattle, WA, we have attracted the attention of beer enthusiasts around the world with our Web site. We believe that beer’s worldwide popularity can and should be used to band people together for the benefit of society as a whole.
The Web Site – It is the goal of Beer Church to provide a fun, informative and useful Web site for persons all around the globe who are interested in and passionate about beer. The Beer Church Web Portal is intended to help individuals congregate into local groups and advance the mission of Beer Chuch.The Web site is an evolving expression of our membership’s needs and wishes. All suggestions will be welcomed and sincerely considered so that we may better serve the Beer enthusiasts of the world.
Civic Responsibility – We believe in promoting responsible fun. Beer should be part of a recipe for positive social activity, but is too often used as part of a recipe for disaster. We urge everyone to be personally responsible all of the time. Anything else is disrespectful of yourself and your community.

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