With all this extra time on our hands not going out I am safe to say that I have been reading.  OMG, I know stop what is he doing?  I am reading.  Tasting Beer by Randy Mosher.  Why?  You ask, well I am readying myself for the Cicerone test.  It has been a long-time goal to finally get my certification. It is something I have had on my mind for years. 

So, goes the question tasting beer, where do you start?  Do you just go out and get as many beers as you can and try them at one time?  Sure, that is a great time, then the bill, the next day hangover and then did it accomplish what your trying for?  Do you get specific styles and try them while taking copious amount of notes on each variance? Well the later is what I am doing.  Also, when at the brewery I work for. I am looking over kegging, taps and all other mechanisms to learn all I can.  

It is interesting to find that aroma, taste, color, head, carbonation, mouthfeel, and alcohol are apart of the deconstructing of the beer.   It gets interesting I am looking up so many new words and styles. BJCP guidelines, then my flash cards and then just diving into each of the styles.  I look like a mad scientist looking over, tasting, and taking notes.  Books all over a table you would think I am back in college.

Reading and taking notes from Randy Mosher’s book has been a huge help.  I also have How to Brew by John Palmer and Radical Brewing by Randy Mosher.  Yes, I have and have read – Charlie Papazian’s book The Complete Joy of Home Brewing.  Fred Eckhardt’s – The Essentials of Beer Style.

Paperback The Essentials of Beer Style : A Catalog of Classic Beer Styles for Brewers and Beer Enthusiasts Book

Question – I know there are so many others what books or resources do you recommend or learn as I study for the test? 

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