Bale Breaker Brewing
Turns 6

When: April 13
Time: 12Noon
1801 Birchfield Rd
Yakima, WA 98901

Bale Breaker is turning 6! Join us as we celebrate our birthday and let you in on a little something special—and when we say special, we’re talking rainbows and glitter and garland and lots and lots of serotonin. We’re talking the Imagination Station.

The Imagination Station is our psychedelic playground. It’s a funky, free place where just about the only thing that’s taken seriously is our craft and quality—everything else is fun and games and exploration. A mimosa glitter beer? Why not? We’ve done crazier.

Come for the Glitter Princess Birthday Brüt IPA, stay for the face-painting, balloon animals, and rainbow everything. At The Imagination Station, anything goes. If you can dream it, we’ll at least let you try to do it.

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