As I woke this morning, turned on the TV, grabbed my coffee and then to turned to see the Breaking News.  I was shocked to see Anthony Bourdain had died.  Then as I went to my laptop and on Facebook there was the outpouring of monumental proportions about the sudden loss.

I was at first going why does it affect so many people I know.  Then I realized after the many years of blogging, in the beer industry and in and out of restaurants, and bars that most of my community if not all are all affected due he was one of us.  A writer, a chef, a blogger, a parent, and wanting to share his experiences to all.    That’s what we all are doing. Why else would be writing, promoting, sharing but like him to educate and give a unique perspective to life as we see it.

Just this week, SodaKid and I went shopping we saw a new melon at the store we have not tired yet.  So, we picked it out.  Why?  Well Mr. Bourdain, Andrew Zimmer, Zane Lamprey.  and all those other shows have inspired us to try something new.  I was thinking we would try the melon and report back to the blogosphere, our tasting experience with the melon.  Sure, this is a beer blog but hell it can be anything we want and why not.  Thank you, Mr. Bourdain, for sharing so much with us and making us want to learn more and experience life.  I did not realize you had touched me so.

RIP Anthony Bourdain.  May you have found the peace you have been searching.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

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