I would like to welcome my newest sponsor to BrewDad.com.  Full Sail Brewing

Full Sail came about back in 1987 converting an old abandoned fruit cannery to make some of the best beers in the region and in very short order the world.  Now 25 years have passed and they have long since brewed more that the original 287 barrels from the first year. Now they are well over 135,000 barrels a year.  Full Sail is also recognized as one of the first craft breweries to commercially bottle their new craft beer in theUS.  An all employee owned brewery an original 47 original owners and you will find that very number on every bottle of Full Sail beers.

They have also won countless medals from almost every beer competition known to man.  One of the most picturesque breweries located right on theHood Rive rover looking the best wind surfing known to man.  I also know that many breweries near and far have Full Sail to thank.  All these brewers got there start at Full Sail.  I tip my pint glass to Full Sail and thank them for their sponsorship.

My all time favorite highest rated beer just happens to be the:
Full Sail Black Gold Imperial Stout Bourbon Barrel Aged – Click here to see my review on RateBeer.com

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