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Washington State Breweries – Taxed Out of Business

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Call to ACTION – WA Breweries are about to be Taxed out of Business. Washington State Brewers Guild

As many of you already know, the budget submitted by Governor Jay Inslee calls for a rough quintupling of the excise taxes paid by small brewers selling their beer in the state of Washington.  Only one in-state producer–Redhook–produces more than the 60,000 barrels per year ceiling on the exemption that has existed since taxes on larger brewers were raised a couple of years ago, quietly, in the final hours of legislative session.  The loss of this exemption would mean a rise to at least $23 per barrel of production.  This is over twice the tax paid by Alaskan brewers, the current unhappy leaders in the shouldering of excise tax burden.  Larger Washington brewers such as Georgetown, Mac and Jack’s and Elysian (my company) would see an increase of several hundred thousand dollars per year.  Even a nano brewery producing a hundred barrels a year would be on the hook for an additional two thousand dollars.



Below are two links to letters you can send to your representatives. The first one is ready to send. The second is for people who wish to personalize their communication. Thank you for taking the time to support your local brewery!



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