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Vote for BrewDad and send him to Reno – Canfest 2012

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So as most of you know me BrewDad tried to use the oldest trick in the book.  My 6 year old daughter did her best in using all her cuteness in getting you to vote for me last year.  This year I will just go to your sense of hell this guys really wants to go.  I mean I am willing to eat live goldfish but then the ASPCA would come after me.  I was thinking of making a bed of beer cans and sleeping on them at a brewery and not use a night light.  (Yes one big scarred of the dark kid)

I thought I could claim I was with a dreadful disease and this event was on my bucket list.  Oh but then the PC police would come after me.  So then I thought I could go down to a local foundry and have the biggest beer can in the world made for me.  Oh by the way that costs about half a million with all that goes into making one.

So I decided I am just going to ask that you my friends and beer loving geeks please when you get a chance vote for me – BrewDad.  You see Canfest – That’s is running a contest and the winner goes to Reno.  Can you imagine me – BrewDad in Reno. There are stories out there and rumors of breweries, festival some Midwest cities and brewers with restraining orders.  Some are well not completely true.

Yes pleaseVote BrewDadOh so I qualify I have to mention a great sponsor Mammoth Brewing (BrewDad is a Brown Noser) because with out them and there generous donation – Oh hell who am I kidding I just hope they bring beer and I get to try it.  So there is my blatant mention of Mammoth Brewing oh please click through they love the web traffic. Tell them BrewDad sent you.

So please vote BrewDad and send me to Reno why because this is one town I am sure that I can go to and not need a judge’s order to enter the town.

As soon as I get the link I will send it to you all and with the season of voting in our minds – I BrewDad approve this message. 

WineMom and SodaKid – sure could use the time off from BrewDad and his antics.

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