Woodinville, WA-  In celebration of its first year in business, Twelve Bar brews is hosting a party with food, friends and their signature ales on tap Saturday, November 3rd from noon to six pm. The party will be at the Broken String, the newly expanded tasting room at the TBB production facility. This newly furnished addition is Twelve Bar’s anniversary gift to itself. For Kirk Hilse, owner and brewer at Twelve Bar Brews it’s been a busy year. “Well, busy is one word for it,” quips the Woodinville entrepreneur.

After a year of steady growth from keg sales in pubs and eateries throughout Seattle, Hilse senses it’s time for growth here it home. “We have such a loyal following of locals, it just made sense to improve our tasting room experience,” said Hilse. The newly expanded tasting space, dubbed “The Broken String,” is a nod to the musically themed brewery and Hilse’s background as a bass guitarist. It now offers more space, actual seating, and $4.50 pints, a welcome reprieve from the standing-room-only  growler fill station of the past. “I was so busy making beer, I had no time to serve it and that meant the tasting room went dark a lot of the time,” added the master brewer. The Broken String is now open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm.

Twelve Bar Brews is production microbrewery producing fine ales available on tap in over 65 locales throughout Seattle and the Eastside. Founded in November 2011 by Kirk Hilse, a former 18-year homebrewer and expatriate of several high-tech companies, Twelve Bar Brews is enjoying a reputation for superior quality, clean-tasting, highly drinkable ales. The brewery features a regular slate of four beers including Pale, Red, IPA and Black Ales. Twelve Bar Brews is located at 12826 NE 178th St, Suite C, Woodinville, WA.

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