Trains, Buses, Cars & Breweries – Day 2

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Double Mountain Brewery
8 4th St
Hood River, OR 97031-2123

MON-THURS: 4pm-11pm
FRI-SUN: 12noon-11pm

Start your day with driving 150 miles in a huge U-Haul filled your Mother-in-Laws belongings as she follows in her car. Where do you stop for lunch? But of course a brewery you have never been to before. Yes take her with you for the experience. Double Mountain brewery was the lucky winner and Hood River Oregon was the stop. I can say this for sure I did not make the maps nor the addresses for this town so finding this place was not super easy. We drove all over and then finally came across it with a bit of luck and help from 411. About one block from Full Sail the giant in the area. Can we say Double Mountain is putting it out there to compete with Full Sail. Another rustic look brew pub with great coloring inside. I am sure an old building that did something back in it’s day. Lets say it made fuggle binders or something. They are fairly new in the brewing game so they had a limited availability of brews. The server also explained it was, “Season” right now so it was a packed night every night with windsurfers. They drink everything the wind blows at them. Was able to try the 5 they had on tap and they where very nice. The food was also on a limited menu but what they had was very good. Pub fair the food hit the spot adding to my energy level for another 150 mile drive. Kids are Ok for the place and they have a kids menu. Hours are limited as of now for the weekdays so call ahead not to be disappointed and they are not open. I am pretty sure they are catering to the Windsurfers and when they blow in. Ha ha

After we left my Mother-in-Law wanted a nap so I took this time to reflect so I walked over to Full Sail and wow I was glad I had already been here. This place was jammed with people. 30-45 minute wait. Hey Double Mountain was ready and no waiting there. I am sure Double Mountain will benefit getting the overflow crowd once they get the name out there. Now off to Richland Washington.

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