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Three Magnets Brewing March Madness!

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(Standard Brewing Collaboration)
Fruited Hazy IPA
7.1% ABV
The forgotten land of New Zealand was our inspiration for this collaboration beer as we take Kiwi fruit juice, NZ hops Waimea and Motu Blend, and blended two yeast strains, one of Scandanavian origin, and one of Belgian.  Framgarden Kviek and Sacchromyces Bruxellensis Trois yeast come together to create a fruity, complex yet dry finishing profile.  Stone fruit, tropical bursts, and a touch of dank are imparted by the hops.  300 pounds of kiwi (20 pounds per barrel) were juiced and create a sharp snappy tartness which plays well with the yeast blend.  Truly a beer built in the spirit of collaboration!  

Dark Mild Ale
4.6% abv
English Maris Otter, Pale Chocolate, and German Kiln Coffee malts come together to create a layered mild full of chocolate, a touch of char, and a beautiful expression of bourbon and vanilla character.  Lightly hopped with UK East Kent Golding for a touch of floral and soft earth.  Fermented with our house English yeast strain.  Dark yet eminently drinkable.  

Hazy IPA
6.1% ABV
Our newest hazy IPA is built upon the collected and accumulated knowledge we’ve amassed over the past 3 years of brewing haze.  Body and head retention were the focus on this offering and are achieved with a hearty dose of Chit and oat malts.  With a vibrant orange hue and a tropical and citrus cake batter flavor and aroma imparted by Waimea and a huge dose of Citra, Nothing Stays the Same IPA might have fans calmmoring for more, but brewers know there’s always new ingredients and techniques to be experimented with.

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