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Three Magnets Brewing – Bountiful Offering

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Three Magnets Brewing – The Spring Bloom is in full swing, and at the moment, we have quite the bouquet of options for you to choose from. Both package AND draft! The Cocoa is truly a thing of wonder, and you would be wise to jump on that ASAP. Such depth and character, without being too sweet. Chef’s Choice No. 3 is a sincerely unique and adventurous brew that doesn’t disappoint, as well! A fresh batch of WOOHOO has also been added, as well as draft of Dammit, Bobby, a Pale with a maltier backbone to give you the kind of balance you’re looking for.

Chocolate Belgian Quadrupel
12.3% abv
Our second Belgian style quad ale in this series features a rich cocoa mouth with an all European base. The bourbon/vanilla aromatic emulsion is created by Kiln Coffee malt from Malteries Franco-Belges.

Black Ale w/ Shiitake Mushrooms & Black Pepper
5.1% abv
Once a year, we allow our Chef to come up with a beer concept and recipe for our Chefs Choice series. This year Chef Frank Magaña wanted to emphasize the earthy overtones of shiitake mushrooms and the culinary combination with black pepper. The black pepper was emphasized with the use of a Belgian yeast strain tying together the complex subtleties. This beer is dark in color by using sinamar, which is a black malt extract that imparts little flavor on its own.

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