Taplister has launched a new online social platform to enable bars and restaurants to update their beer selection across digital outlets

The Digital Beer Board is the first digital signage platform for bars and restaurants designed specifically for craft beer menus.

The new tap list management system enables bars and restaurants to instantly publish their changing beer menu to a Digital Beer Board, Facebook, Twitter, mobile devices, website and Taplister.com.

The solution also displays rotating taps and a wealth of additional information in real time inside establishments.

Taplister founder and CEO Kerry Finsand said that, “With so many choices, beer drinkers are demanding an easy way to find their favorite beer on tap near them and the new Taplister delivers.

The company said, through the new system, bars and restaurants can update their beer menu using their smartphones, iPad, PC or Mac and the information is updated instantly to Digital Beer Boards, Facebook, Twitter, mobile phones, the Taplister iPhone app, the business’ website and Taplister.com.

Consumers can also contribute to the tap list information where bars enable crowd sourcing at Taplister.com.

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