The 8th Annual Strange Brewfest – January 27-29

This is a super event and one that is not to miss.  I love going every year. The beers are super and the different styles and flavors are so much fun to taste.  Get your tickets early and go early also as this is always a well attended event.  Strange Brewfest Web Site

From the Strange Brew Web Site:
In ancient Tibet, the number 8, the symbol for infinity, represented Perfection, Dualism and Unity between male and female. In Tarot, the infinity symbol is linked to Magic, and represents Equilibrium or the Balance of various forces.

In Port Townsend on January 27-29, 2012, the number 8 represents the number of times we will have gathered together to celebrate the Perfection crafted by the incredibly talented brewers in our region. Eight times we will have embraced the Dualism of German Purity Laws coupled with the creative incarnations that the addition of ‘Strange’ ingredients bring to the glass. We will have rejoiced in the Unity we share as beer enthusiasts!

Click for tickets.  The best $25.00 you spend thus far in 2012.

2012 List of Breweries!
Big Time Brewery – Black Raven Brewing – Elkhead Brewing Co. – Fish Brewing Co. – Georgetown Brewing Co. – Ninkasi Brewing Co. – Pike Brewing Co. – Port Townsend Brewing Co. – Slippery Big Brewery – Valholl Brewing – Wingman Brewers, Inc. – Alpenfire Cidery – Finnriver Farm & Cidery – Hale’s Brewery – Crispin Cider – Elysian Brewing Co.

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