Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Company

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Snoqualmie Fall Brewing Company
8032 Falls Ave, SE
Snoqualmie, WA 98065
(425) 831-BEER


So at the end of our trip back from Idaho I stopped at the Snoqualmie Falls Brewery. I got to have a great time and for the first time take my daughter with me on a brewery tasting. Yes we went to the first of many hopefully father daughter brewery tasting. First we dropped off mommy at the outlet mall and we did not want to stand around so we headed to Snoqualmie Fall Brewery tap room. Were I was able to have there Lemondipity lemon grass ale and the little one was able to get her chocolate milk. My beer was filled with great flavors, malts, lemon grass for the flavoring which gave off a huge amount of lemon flavor. This was a truly great experimental beer. I hope to use the same ingredient in my home brewing. As for the chocolate milk it was regular 1% chocolate milk with a dash of Belgian dark chocolate and nutmeg to add to the finish of the flavor. Little one gave it thumbs up in her first ever rating of her chocolate milk. Do I see Rate Chocolate Milk coming along soon? Nawwww but not a bad idea. Daddy does Rate Beer; little one does Rate Chocolate milk. We had a great time and she asked all about her milk where it came from and how it got in the special milk carton. We also split a bowl of trail mix of which she loved the pretzels and peanuts. The brewery workers loved it thought she was cute and we had a great time. The place is nestled up in the town of Snoqualmie Falls and wow they have a great view from the street of the mountains. So check them out when you get a chance. We both give it thumbs up. If you can try the Lemondipidty Ale it was a neat beer. They also have some great light ales and deep stouts and wonderful seasonal beers to add to your beer fun. They also serve some great pub food.

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