Skep & Skein – Olympia, WA

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Skep & Skein – Olympia, WA
2106 Harrison Ave NW
Olympia, WA 98502
(360) 292-4400
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I was astounded 6 months ago when I finally found Skep & Skein.  There it was: 15 taps of beer and mead goodness.  The owner has a passion for meads (Skep) and his wife for the yarn (Skein).  Right when you walk in, you find yourself immersed in beer signs, light music and a good crowd drinking beers from light ales to dark thick Stouts.  And if you have a hankering for mead, you have come to the right place.  Dave (Owner/Mead Brewer) has a knack for making the honey goodness.  Last night was not my first time stopping at the Skep, but it was my first trying Dave’s own mead.  I was told weeks before that the Mead would be served on Tuesday night, and to get there or I might miss out.  I arrived a few hours after the first tapping and they had already blew through the first keg.  I was sure glad Dave made plenty.  From the second and last keg, I got this tulip glass with golden nectar.  Ginseng Ginger Mead – this was Dave’s 3rd mead made at the Skep.  My tasting notes:

Ginseng Ginger Mead – Skep & Skein
Aroma – Sweet clover honey with ginger and light ginseng in the nose.
Color – Golden, clear with no head.
Flavor – Sweet honey with ginger flavors.  Ginseng is light, giving a light earthy bitter flavor.
Palate – Dry and sweet finish.
Overall – Sweet, easy drinking nice ginger flavors.  This would be great with salmon, pasta and white sauce.  I call this a great Lawnmower Mead.

Great mead and I can’t wait to try more from Skep & Skein.  If find yourself in Olympia and need a mead and/or a good beer, Skep & Skein is the place.  They are a member of the honest pint project, so you are sure to get a full 16 oz. pour.  There are also 4oz pours available with the big strong beers so you are not staggering out the door after one beer.  It’s a 21 and over place, and they keep it simple.  No TV’s, the bartenders are friendly, and if you need food you’ll have to order from the sandwich shop next door – they deliver.  There is also pizza near by.  I for one am looking forward to watching this place develop into a fantastic beer/mead bar here in Olympia.

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