Silver City Brewery Music Contest

Silver City Brewery announces the “Silver City Brewery Drinking Song Contest” for local NW Musicians

Bremerton, WA  — Silver City Brewery, the West Sound, Washington’s premier award winning brewery today announced the kick off of the Silver City Drinking Song Contest. The brewery is calling on local musicians to create a song that express’ the celebration of local craft beer and submit their creation for consideration as Silver City’s official “drinking song”.

The NW Music Scene & NW Craft beer cultures are as embedded in Washingtonians as our morning cups of coffee. Often one inspiring the other as a good rock show is celebrated with a local brew and many NW brewers brew to the rhythm of their favorite local musician. The Silver City brew team is no exception.

Having a few beers together (after work of course) Scott Houmes; owner of Silver City Brewery, Don Spencer; brewmaster, and Kurt Larson; Director of Sales & Marketing began discussing how cool it was that many European countries have a tradition of celebratory drinking songs. The songs breed unity, camaraderie and elevate spirited occasions that spans generations. Quickly the conversation gained steam when they questioned; why as Americans “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” was all we could recite? How in Seattle, with its rich music and beer culture, were there no drinking songs of note? This gave birth to the concept of the Silver City Drinking song contest and Silver City Brewery’s relationship with KISW became the obvious medium to reach out to the music & beer community to make it happen.

Of the inspiration to create the contest, Kurt said “Some of my best times in life have been with good friends, my favorite beer in hand, rocking out to my favorite, local, live bands. We hope we can inspire up-and-coming musicians, support the local music scene, and celebrate this merger of rock & roll and craft beer in the NW.” ” And of course ending up with a kick butt song we can sing along with while enjoying Silver City Beers!” Scott added “We’re really excited to create this partnership of all things local; musicians, brewery, and using a local, legendary radio station to deliver our message. We hope fans of all three can intertwine and really have fun with this contest this summer and maybe enjoy a few Ziggy Zoggy’s or Ridgetop Red’s while they’re at it.”

The musician(s) that create the selected song will receive studio time at UberBeatz for a 3 song ep, a promotional video featuring the selected song done by iHeartKitsap , and the track will be utilized in future Silver City marketing campaigns.

The contest will kick off Monday May 6th, during the submission phase where musicians will be able to submit their songs on line at The submission phase concludes on June 9th. June 10th Silver City Brewery will ask fans and listeners to go to Silver City Brewery’s Facebook page and “like” their page to access the top 10 songs. There they will be able to listen to the songs, vote for their favorite, and be entered into a drawing to win beer festival tickets for two for a year. The winning musician’s song will be announced the week of July 14th and will potentially be included in future Silver City Brewery marketing campaigns.


For more contest details and complete rules, please go to


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