Seattle Beer Week 2013Next week starts one of the great beer weeks.  Seattle Beer Week is upon us and I am for one excited.  Mark your dates May 9-19 are going to be some huge days filled with bars, breweries and tons of great beers along with great people.

Over the next few days I will be posting a smattering of events for each days events.  Here is the first days line up. A super day not to be missed.

Day 1 – May 9th
SBW-2013 Kickoff

  • 04:00 PM SBW 2013 Kickoff Pre-funk w/Cascade – Join us for Cascade beers flowing at The Sixgill before you march over to Fremont Brewing for the official tapping of SBW beer.
  • 05:30 PM SBW 2013 Kickoff @ Fremont Brewing – Please join us for our 5th year kickoff at Fremont Brewing Company. We will be tapping the first keg of SBW 2013 Organic Session Pale Ale befo…
  • 06:00 PM SEATTLE CASK-O-RAMA!! – All Seattle breweries, all casks on the bartop, over a dozen in all!
  • 07:00 PM SBW 2013 Kickoff Stop #2-Bev. Place – We are traveling to the far off land of West Seattle to stop at the original stop of the first Seattle Beer Week adventure. It also happens to…
  • 08:30 PM SBW 2013 Kickoff Stop #3- Naked City – Our 3rd stop takes us to Greenwood to visit a brewpub that has grown with Seattle Beer Week. Not only will there be a great selection of house…
  • 10:00 PM SBW 2013 Final Stop- Nail in the Coffin – The Pine Box seems like a fitting way to end the night. A place to honor beer, make peace with the beer gods and maybe see a ghost.



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