Rocky Coulee Brewing Company

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Rocky Coulee Brewing Company
205 North First Street
Odessa, WA 99159

(509) 345-2216

Here we go again. The family is on another summer vacation this time to Sand Point Idaho. With me being a beer nut it was time for me to figure out where I can stop for a brewery or two. Still on my quest to visit every brewery/pub in Washington the first stop was going to be a off the wall far off place Rocky Coulee Brewing Company in Odessa Washington was the stop. If you’re like me a gadget geek we have GPS and wow it took us a few extra minutes to find the place. But with a little help from the locals we found it. Tucked back in an industrial part of town on the other side of the tracks you will find Rocky Coulee Brewing Company. Only open one day a week Friday from 2-10pm we planned the trip out around this schedule. The Owner – Tom Schafer, who also still farms has a limited amount of time he can be open and still keep the farm in tip top shape. I found the place to be a great little beer oasis in Odessa. The beers where cold, the conversation was awesome and the locals visiting brought there humor and stories. Limited with the food just a few snacks so if you’re hungry bring the food with you. Sorry no kids allowed at this time. Now to the beers there is an assortment of beers from light pale ale to a dark Dunkel with a grand Hefe-weizen that they all love and a Fireweed Honey Blonde that is loved by all. A great time and I can see this is a special little oasis and a must stop for the beer lover looking for some great beer and great conversation about beer. Oh did I mention we arrived on one of the hottest days of the year sitting right around 100 degrees. Cold beer was needed and much appreciated. Tom is a great conversationalist and loves to talk beer, Odessa and farming.

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