Ram Bighorn Brewery – Kent

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512 Ramsay Way
Kent, Washington 98032


Kent Ram Bighorn Brewery was the last stop and wow we had a great time. The service was awesome and the server actually did a great job with explaining the beers. She had affair knowledge of the product and when she saw I was rating the place she was full of her own questions about beer. I got a simple Belgian dark and a Saison for my beverages and had a great dinner with my wife. The atmosphere was the same but I like the Ram they have a homey feel with the local high school colors hanging in the rafters. I can say this you know what you’re going to get with your food and beer and the beer maybe not he world class stuff you get at some places. But they sure give it a good try and do there best and put out a good product for the masses. They even try to put out different brews that will test the average beer drinker and maybe even turn one into a Beer Geek. I will take back my previous statements that I was not going to try to seek out Ram Bighorns and that they are all the same. They have each there own little special atmosphere and style. And better yet they do have different beers to try for each place. Good Job Ram.

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