Please Send my Daddy (BrewDad) to Canfest.

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Please Send my Daddy (BrewDad) to Canfest. 

As the kid of a Beer Geek Dad (BrewDad), I figured Canfest was about the actual can (toilet), cause daddy uses that a lot after drinking beer. But I was wrong.  It’s about those silly cans filled with barley pop that Daddy sends me into the spider-filled garage to get. Oh, I know I’m ok, but if I make him feel bad he’ll pay for my college. Shhhh.

For the past 6 years BrewDad has been my stay at home caretaker, Dad, friend, and bus driver.  He has been there for every moment of my life.  He is the best daddy ever.  He helps me on my bike, he plays games with me, and he makes the best voices and sounds when he reads me a book. I have to laugh – he can fart like a professional.   Too bad there’s not a profession for farters.  Seriously, he is so talented.  When I fall down, he picks me up and brushes me off.  But rub some grass on an owie?  Huh?   He plays dollies and kitchen and yes, we use old beer festival mugs in my play kitchen.  It’s the only way to serve Daddy.   He makes me funny menus for my restaurant and it always has a weird beer on it, like Marshmallow-aged beer. This was my last summer at home with Daddy as we (Mommy and me) decided it’s time Daddy goes back to work.  But what Daddy needs one last hurrah – a present from his little girl.

I asked Mommy, what we can do for Daddy to make him happy.  She said we could add another mommy, but that’s not going to happen. We could build a stripper pole for the bedroom but that’s not going to happen either.  We could have another child that keeps him from working for a few more years. That’s REALLY NOT going to happen!  I know what Daddy would want to do. We could help him win a trip to Canfest inReno,Nevada.  Just don’t tell him it’s close to Winnemucca, Brothel Capital of Nevada. Daddy could go have a blast and blog about beer.  Oh yes, lets try to win my Daddy a trip to Reno and so he can drink more beer!

So please help my Daddy win a trip to Reno to go to Canfest by voting for him!  He needs to get off his Big ole CAN and go to Canfest.  Oh, and Mommy says if Daddy gets to go then I get a new kitten.  So please help me win some kittens.  Maybe we’ll name one after a beer style!

We will post when and how to vote very soon.

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