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Pelican Brewing Surfer’s Summer Ale

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Pelican Surfer's Summer AleThe Summer Ales of England inspire our well-loved seasonal beer, Surfer’s Summer Ale. With a brilliant gold color, and a fruity, floral, and herbal aroma from Glacier hops, Surfer’s Summer Ale is a refreshing, tasty treat. A sweet, toasted malt flavor comes from the Golden Promise malt, and combines with bread-like wheat character to give this beer a full-bodied, rounded malt aspect. Finishing smooth and clean, Surfer’s Summer Ale exhibits a wonderful balance of character. Coming Mid-May

Ingredient List:
Golden Promise malt, Wheat malt, Glacier hops, Torrefied wheat, pure ale yeast, pure local water

Brewing Specifications:
OG: 12.2 degrees Plato
5.3% alcohol by volume
25 IBU
Color: Golden Yellow

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