Oregon Coast Brewery Summer Tour 2008

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Day 1 we stopped at 2 places making our way down the Oregon Coast, First stop was actually in Long Beach Washington then we made it to our first stop in Oregon.

Grey Parrot Brewing Company
1506 Pacific Ave North
Long Beach, WA 98631
(360) 642-8556

The long wait to finally see the Grey Parrot is over. I made it to Long Beach Washington and found the Grey Parrot on the first try. It would be easy to miss but if you’re using GPS you find it right off. Yes the place is billed as the smallest Micro Brewery in the world. Which it cam be called a “Nano-Brewery”, a 1.7bbl place they have a great set up for such a small space. If you ask the owners they where boasting they where so small. A quant little double wide turned into a brewpub with atmosphere. Look for the red siding and the big white sign you will be amazed there is a brewery there. As you walk in the place has amassed quite a collection of beer and brewing memorabilia. Look around it is all pretty cool.

6 taps and ever changing. I was told all about the beers from the owner and they gave and held up a great story on their end. The beers where as light at a blonde and cranberry wheat to a super sour Lambic that will curl your toe nails. In between we also sampled a great Dunkel-weizen that they call a “Drunkel-weizen.” The beers for the most part where tasty they did have some flaws but being a small place they can differ from batch to batch which is only 15 gallons. They take pride in their Lambics and when I got to try one that was only 13 months old they where a tad scared to serve it wanting this to sit for at least another year before really being available to the “general public.” They have a great little menu for food we did not eat however. Pub food with some good choices of fish for the seaside community. Need to remember this is a 21 and over only place. So pack the kids and send them to the beach or local arcade while you sample the beer. Not the greatest beer but I will go back just to see what is new and if they are improving. They do sell growlers, ½ growlers, 22oz Bombers and even just pints to go. This will be a great stop when ever you’re in Long Beach and need a few moments with some beer. Be sure not to arrive too early they tend not to open until about 1:00pm and mainly only towards the weekends.

Fort George Brewery and Public House
1483 Duane Street
Astoria, Oregon 97103
(503) 325-7468


Arrived at Fort George coming from the Washington side of the Columbia River and in less than 3 minutes we found it. Good ole GPS thank you. An old automotive garage converted to be both a brewery and bakery that sits next door this was a great looking place. Had that old rustic feel and just like most other North West Brew pubs the brick walls the barrels in the front and the flavor of beer in the air. The massive bar was the first thing you see. We found a table and saw they had a great selection of beers. Over 12 taps at the ready. They had 8 of there own beers and 4 guest taps and stuff for the traveler you usually never see. It was cool to see some awesome beers where going to be tasted.

We had a great lunch here. Tempted with the fresh crab salad but we decided to stick with what was a lot cheaper. Had a great time and the atmosphere was just perfect. The baseball game on the TV was going and the bar was pretty full. Parking was very easy and tons of it. Sampled 8 different beers off there sample tray. The service was pretty good and they knew the product. Fort George s going to be around for quite some time. The beers where very tasty. Loved the strong beers. And wow they also had some beers that where not billed to have much hops but they forgot to tell someone they had tons of hops in the beer.

A must stop if in Astoria. The chalk art on the beer chalk boards is worth the trip. Some of the best chalk art I have ever seen.

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