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Oktoberfest in Seattle, WA

By March 5, 2021No Comments
Ziga Zaga Ziga Zaga Oi Oi Oi! – I arrived to the Washington beer Commissions Oktoberfest at Pyramid Brewing in Seattle WA. The music was warming up when I arrived and the lines where forming and getting long to get in. Plus the speedy security guard making sure we all had our ID’s. I saw beer geeks all over the place and tablets, books, spreadsheets, and some using there hand held computers as they took notes on all the wonderful Oktoberfest beers at the event. 30 breweries where there with about 60 different beers where available. I tried as many as I could making sure I did not miss my time to get back to the Amtrak station and somewhat coherent. I tried beers from 10 different places and Laughing Buddha was busy as ever. Geez it seems like they are marketing to the right people and there flavored beers are getting a good name. The Purple Yam Porter was sure tasty and Big Al’s was there in force as they where getting there first taste of the brew fest scene. The Big Al Brown ale was getting rave reviews and I sure did like it. The Super Chop from Georgetown was getting lots of takers as was Lazy Boy’s Hefeweizen. I wish I had more time and more tokens. The $1.50 a taster was different it used to be a dollar per taster but with the times prices are going up. The 25 dollars to enter was steep but with the looks of the crowd people where not minding. The band “The Pickled Herring Band” played some great German tunes and kept us all moving with the chicken dance song. The more we drank the more people danced. This was a great time and I will be sure to make this as don’t miss next year. The WABL membership paid off with the extra big glass mug and the bigger pour. So if you’re not a WABL member time to look into that. They seem to have a pretty good deal for its members. Until next year I raise my glass of Oktoberfest beer. PROST…

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