My Muscles for Beer.

By March 5, 2021No Comments

So a while back I get a call from my mother-in-law asking can I help move her. I say “yes” of course and then hang up and proceed to figure out how best I can visit more breweries and taste more beer while on this moving odyssey. Is this bad I ask myself? I even requested that we make stops along the way in the U-haul to see even more breweries. So I have scoured all over and mapped out at least 5-6 more breweries to visit while I am helping during the move. So when does this become work. Well I figure once I cross the line into actually driving the U-haul and then unpacking I am paying back my brewery visits with more than enough sweat and tears to make up for my liver punishment. I have heard it from friends you’re doing what your moving your mother-in-law. Yep and along the way I am stopping at several breweries and pubs to quench my thirst and insatiable need to add to my places visited. Now I ask you am I the best son-in-law or what? She gets strength of my back for moving and buttocks for driving and I get to punish my liver at the same time.

Look out Corvallis Oregon here I come. Block 15, Calapooia Brewing, Oregon Trader Brewing and then in the Hood River area Double Mountain Brewing and then over to Washington for Ice Harbor brewing in Kennewick. Think I can talk my wife in to go to a few more on the way back to Olympia. Hmmmm only time will tell.

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